Causal Inference - Concepts

causal inference
Broad overview of causal inference concepts

Ehud Karavani


February 20, 2020


January 3, 2024

The basis of causal inference

With an emphasis on counterfactual prediction differing from risk prediction.

Observational studies and RCTs

The Goldilocks principle of covariate adjustment

The Goldilocks principle of covariate adjustment in causal inference.

How causation causes correlations

Structural causal view of statistical associations.

A tour of causal assumptions

Causal inference is a mindset. Therefore, it takes thought, not data, to translate data-based associations into causal claims.

My first ever lecture on causal inference

An introduction to causal inference talk gave at a student seminar on November 18, 2018, named Causal Inference 101.