Ehud Karavani

Hi there!
I’m a researcher and data scientist, specializing in causal inference, machine learning, (Bayesian) statistics, and data visualization.

I’m currently a Research Staff Member at IBM Research, Israel in the Causal Machine Learning for Healthcare & Life Sciences group. There, I focus on high-throughput causal inference for finding new indications for existing drugs using electronic health records and insurance claims data. I’m also the creator and maintainer of causallib, a one-stop shop open-source Python package for flexible causal inference modeling.


I have a BSc and MSc in Computer Science and Computational Biology from the Hebrew University. I did my Master’s thesis with Dr. Shai Carmi studying prediction of traits using DNA and its potential effect on selecting embryos for implantation in IVF (aka “designer babies”) .
Previous to that I was an undergraduate research associate in Prof. Hanah Marglit’s lab, developing methods for finding novel protein-RNA interactions using RNAseq data .

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